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About Likoma Airport (LIX)


Likoma Airport (IATA: LIX, ICAO: FWLK) is situated on Likoma Island, which is part of Malawi. The island is located in the north-eastern part of Lake Malawi.


  • Transportation: Access to the airport from different parts of Likoma Island is generally by road. The island itself can be accessed via boat services or flights from the mainland.


  • Likoma Airport mainly caters to tourists visiting Likoma Island, known for its scenic beauty, clear waters, and historical sites such as St. Peter's Cathedral.
  • It also serves the local population for transportation needs, including medical evacuations and supply deliveries.

Geographic Importance:

  • Likoma Island, and by extension Likoma Airport, is of strategic importance due to its location in Lake Malawi. Despite its geographical proximity to Mozambique, the island is Malawian territory.

Development and Upgrades:

  • The airport infrastructure is basic but sufficient for the current level of traffic. There have been discussions about potential upgrades to enhance safety and accommodate more frequent flights.

Notes for Travelers

  • Prepare for Limited Facilities: Expect minimal services at the airport. It's best to carry essentials with you.
  • Flight Schedules: Verify flight schedules in advance as flights may not be frequent.
  • Local Connectivity: Arrange for local transport to and from the airport as part of your travel plans.

This concise overview provides essential information about Likoma Airport, highlighting its role, facilities, and importance to Likoma Island and its visitors.


Key Points
  1. Location: Likoma Island, Lake Malawi, Malawi.
  2. Facilities: Small terminal, one asphalt runway (900 meters).
  3. Operations: Serves local and regional flights, primarily charter services.
  4. Accessibility: Road transport on the island; boat or flights from the mainland.
  5. Usage: Tourist and local transportation.
  6. Development: Basic facilities with potential for future upgrades.
Facilities Available
  • Runway: The airport has a single asphalt runway. Its dimensions are approximately 900 meters in length, which accommodates smaller aircraft typically used for regional flights.
  • Terminals: Likoma Airport has a small terminal building that serves basic passenger needs. Facilities are minimal, reflecting the airport's size and the volume of traffic it handles.
  • Airlines: The airport is primarily served by local airlines offering charter and scheduled flights. These airlines typically operate smaller aircraft due to the runway's size and the island's remote nature.
  • Destinations: Main connections are with Lilongwe, Malawi's capital, and other regional destinations within Malawi. There are no international flights directly to Likoma Airport.
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