Lilongwe Airport
Lumbadzi, Lilongwe, Malawi


Airport Developments Limited (ADL) prides itself on providing world-class telecommunication services at its airports, ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers, airlines, and staff. Our comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern air travel, offering reliable communication solutions across all touchpoints within the airport environment.

Core Telecommunication Services:

  1. Wireless Internet Access:
    • ADL airports provide high-speed wireless internet access throughout terminal buildings, boarding gates, lounges, and other key areas.
    • Passengers can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for browsing, email, streaming, and other online activities.
  2. Cellular Connectivity:
    • Our airports offer robust cellular coverage, ensuring strong signal strength for voice calls, text messages, and data usage.
    • Multiple cellular network operators are integrated to provide extensive coverage and minimize dead zones.
  3. Public Announcement Systems:
    • ADL airports are equipped with state-of-the-art public announcement systems, facilitating clear and timely broadcast of flight announcements, security messages, and general information.
    • PA systems are strategically placed throughout the terminals and concourses for maximum coverage.
  4. Telecommunication Infrastructure for Airlines:
    • ADL provides telecommunication infrastructure tailored to the needs of airlines, including ticketing counters, gates, and operational areas.
    • Dedicated communication channels support essential airline operations such as flight scheduling, passenger check-in, and baggage handling.
  5. Emergency Communication Systems:
    • Our airports feature robust emergency communication systems to ensure swift response and coordination during crisis situations.

Value-added Services:

  1. Premium Wi-Fi Services:
    • In addition to complimentary Wi-Fi access, ADL airports offer premium Wi-Fi services with higher speeds and additional features for business travelers and premium passengers.
  2. Telecommunication Retail Outlets:
    • Retail outlets within ADL airports offer a range of telecommunication products and services, including SIM cards, mobile devices, and accessories, catering to the needs of travelers.
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