Lilongwe Airport
Lumbadzi, Lilongwe, Malawi

Establishing and Maintaining aerodromes (civic) for public use

Airport Development Limited (ADL) plays a crucial role in ensuring safe, efficient, and accessible air transport infrastructure. As part of its responsibilities, ADL oversees the establishment and maintenance of civic aerodromes, which are essential for fostering regional connectivity and facilitating public access to air travel. This brief write-up outlines the key considerations and procedures involved in establishing and maintaining civic aerodromes at ADL airports.

  1. Site Selection: The process begins with meticulous site selection, considering factors such as geographic location, topography, accessibility, and surrounding land use. The chosen site should have adequate space for runway(s), taxiways, aprons, terminal buildings, and other essential facilities while complying with regulatory requirements and environmental considerations.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: ADL ensures strict adherence to national and international aviation regulations and standards throughout the aerodrome establishment process. This includes compliance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, and any other relevant local or international guidelines.
  3. Infrastructure Development: Once the site is selected and regulatory approvals obtained, ADL oversees the construction and development of essential infrastructure. This includes runway and taxiway construction, installation of navigational aids, construction of terminal buildings, hangars, fueling facilities, and other necessary infrastructure to support safe and efficient operations.
  4. Safety and Security: Safety and security are paramount in aerodrome operations. ADL implements robust safety and security measures, including regular inspections, maintenance, and training programs to ensure compliance with safety protocols and mitigate operational risks.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: ADL is committed to environmental sustainability and minimizes the environmental impact of aerodrome operations through various initiatives. This includes implementing noise abatement measures, managing stormwater runoff, promoting energy efficiency, and incorporating green design principles in infrastructure development.
  6. Community Engagement: ADL recognizes the importance of engaging with local communities and stakeholders throughout the aerodrome establishment and operation process. Open communication, public consultations, and community outreach programs are conducted to address concerns, gather feedback, and build positive relationships with the community.
  7. Maintenance and Operations: Once operational, ADL ensures the ongoing maintenance and efficient operation of civic aerodromes. This includes regular maintenance of infrastructure, airfield operations management, air traffic control services, and other operational aspects to uphold safety, reliability, and service quality.
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